Let's Get Physical

You were the sweet woman in a silver Toyota Camry that I rear-ended on PCH in Laguna Beach on a Friday at rush hour. Totally my bad. I think you must have heard my brakes squeal and my tires lock as I hit you. We got out of our cars, and the first thing you said was "Are you okay?" Of course I was because it was a minor incident, but you actually cared more about me than your car. There were pretty deep scratches on your bumper. I knew I needed to give you my insurance information, but you told me the damage wasn't bad and admitted there had been prior damage done. I offered you my name and phone number in case you changed your mind later, but you were confident you just wanted to move on with your weekend. I would have gladly let you make a claim against my insurance, even though I was fretting what it would do to my rates. I knew I was at fault, but you let it go since it was minor. I wish this accident hadn't happened, but I'm happy you were the one with whom I collided. The best part is I would have done the same if I were you, but it's not often we bump into strangers who share our values. Bless you for your honesty and understanding.


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