Leisure World Seal Beach Forgot to Pay Taxes

Yesterday, I blogged about a group of Laguna Woods seniors who formed their own medical marijuana collective. They're just a bunch of regular folks who, in complete defiance of ageist stereotypes, are now happily hitting the bong courtesy of cannabis grown at a pair of secret greenhouses.

The reason the so-called "senior stoners" had to grow elsewhere?

The Golden Rain Foundation, which functions as a sort of homeowner's association board for the sprawling retirement community, formerly known as Leisure World, wouldn't let them grow their plants at home. Obviously, this is an organization that not just respects, but fears federal law.

So it's more than a bit surprising to learn today,

courtesy of Teri Sforza at the OC Register

, that a similarly named but separate


Golden Rain Foundation

, which also


Leisure World Seal Beach

, the northern OC version of Laguna Woods, forgot to file its taxes on time. In fact, the Seal Beach community now owes the feds a whopping $273,000 late fee.

"The incompetence is just amazing, just unbelievable," resident Carolyn Eberts told Sforza, who also reports that residents recently received a letter from the president of the foundation promising that "heads may soon roll."

Somewhere in Laguna Woods there are some "heads" rolling their eyes with laughter, too.


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