Anyone who worships this family is jes' plain pendejo
Anyone who worships this family is jes' plain pendejo
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Lawsuit: Newport Beach Couple Harassed Neighbor Because She Rented to "Angry Gay Men"

Carolyn Wade isn't just any GOP activist. On her website, the Newport Beach resident (who also goes by Carole, per federal campaign donation records) has pictures of her with everyone from Congressmen Darrell Issa and Ed Royce to GOP head Paul Ryan, former asshole ambassador John Bolton, senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and even a Saudi royal. It also boasts that Wade volunteered on Dubya's campaign, was a previous delegate to a Republican National Convention, and was a past vice-chair of the Lincoln Club of Los Angeles, which is kinda like being vice-chair of Latinos for Trump, when you really think about it.

Now Carolyn and her husband Michael are being sued in Orange County Superior Court by their neighbor. The plaintiff says the Wades don't like her choice of tenants to the point of calling her work and claiming the lady is a "home wrecker" and rents to "angry gay men" and leaving messages on her voicemail that, according to the lawsuit, "describ[e] her as a slut, seductress and mistress with no morals who also rents [her] house to drug addicts and homosexuals." Among the legal complaints: intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, slander, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, tortious interference with contract, nuisance and civil extortion—all which sounds like the Dubya administration, when you really think about it.

The main culprit, according to the suit, was Michael. It claims Michael "left 17 voicemails on Plaintiff's phone over the course of 8 days, in which Mr. Wade read the exact same scripted statement into the recorded message." He also left voicemails at the plaintiff's place of work, to bosses and colleagues, that she was affiliated with Grindr, "catering to homosexual prostitutes," and that she was "despised in Laguna Beach as a home wrecker."

The suit also includes as evidence a script purported to be one of Michael's screeds; in that missive, Michael allegedly employed as lame a logical fallacy as there is: appeal to Mormonism. It starts with Wade congratulating the plaintiff's boss for "graduating from Brigham Young" and boasts that Michael was George Romney's intern when Mitt's dad served in the Nixon White House (who the hell boasts about that?). It claimed that the plaintiff often "makes nocturnal visits" to the condo community's president "to thwart our complaints," and that "elderly homeowners...revile" the presumably Mormon exec's employee—"but I won't repeat their descriptive names for [the plaintiff] out of respect for Brigham Young." Michael's finish includes this bizarre line: "The Romney family believes in good moral conduct always." Um, okay...

The lawsuit claims that at least one of the plaintiff's tenants was so spooked by the calls that they moved out. It seeks general damages, a court order to keep the Wades from harassing the plaintiff, legal costs, and "any appropriate statutory damages." And lest you think this is some crank legal action, the lawsuit was filed by the law firm of Manly, Stewart and Finaldi, they of the multiple righteous judgements against dirty cops and nasty pedophile protectors in Catholic dioceses and public schools. Should be fun!


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