Laura Bush Brings Her Shocking Memoir to Costa Mesa

Laura Bush Brings Her Shocking Memoir to Costa Mesa

The revelations contained in former first lady Laura Bush's new memoir are coming fast and furious.

She and Dubya may have been poisoned at a G8 summit! She once lost her faith! She spied Prince Charles taking a nip from a hip flask! She still feels guilty about killing a dude at 17! She may support gay marriage . . . or maybe not!

You will have an opportunity to ask her about these and other shocking details ripped from the pages of Spoken From the Heart at her scheduled May 10 book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa's Metro Pointe.

You can also ask her about the shocking revelations contained in her concurrently released children's book, Read All About It, including the fact that she is divorcing her husband mere months after adopting a black baby.

Check that: It's not in the children's picture book, but People magazine, in an article that's not about Laura Bush but Sandra Bullock.

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