Last Night: Hibbleton Gallery Opening in Fullerton

PhotobucketVeering through the local bar hoppers in Fullerton, I found the Hibbleton Gallery and it's first exhibition TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION! At first I didn’t know what it was, or where it was, but there it was right there next to the Back Alley Bar with a sidewalk of hipster art fanatics talking about the scene.

This being the opening night of the gallery, it was expected to be a bit crowded and claustrophobic, but that's what you get when you go to any small show in Orange County.

The inside also met my expectations—a small room filled with people drinking wine and hardly paying attention to the artwork. It could be that these hipsters had arrived early and had already made the rounds leaving time only for socializing, but if that's the case, it made it difficult to absorb the art on display. See, they wouldn’t move. However, through my discourteous actions of wedging myself between hipster and art, I got to see what was being offered.

Artist Jason Jones (Japanland!) who describes his art as “super-enjoyable, decoupage-ish, melancholy, and whimsical,” lived up to his words. I was stuck on his work for a majority of the time that I in attendance, and contemplated even purchasing a piece. It was something that I had fun looking at, and would love to have in my house… Unfortunately, I had to use the $200 to fill up my gas tank to get home. But I do love the creatures that he’s created.

Though most of the featured artists have been exhibited throughout Orange County and Long Beach, it was fun to see them all in one location in a part of Fullerton that could have used some culture. The gallery hopes to focus on works from the latest underground, pop surrealist, outsider, graffiti, lowbrow, street, and subculture artists. I hope they live up to it, as I plan to return to see more.

Check out the artists: Chad Eaton (Timber!)

Sarah & Trevor Girard (Metasaurus)

Jason Jones (Japanland!)

View a photo slideshow of the opening here.

--Gabriel Ryan / OC Weekly


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