Agran: Follow the bouncing tax dollars.
Agran: Follow the bouncing tax dollars.

Larry Agran, Then and Now


January 28, 2003
SUBJECT:  City of Irvine Announces Funding Plan for Orange County Great Park

IRVINE, CA-- Today, the City of Irvine released a detailed plan for funding the development
and maintenance of a $353 million Orange County Great Park at the former Marine Corps Air
Station at El Toro. The plan requires all costs to be shared among landowners and developers
and does not require additional funding by federal, state, or local taxpayers.

According to Irvine Mayor Larry Agran, "The funding strategy developed by our city fulfills all
of the promises made to the people of Orange County when we drafted Measure W. There will
be no airport at El Toro. We will have one of the finest metropolitan parks in America. People
will begin to enjoy this magnificent park in only three years after the sale of the property. And,
the Great Park will be developed and maintained in perpetuity by private landowners without
placing an additional burden on federal, state, or local taxpayers."


July 9, 2009
Orange County Great Park Plans $61 Million in Construction Projects
One of the largest development projects in the U.S.

IRVINE  - Orange County Great Park Board Corporation Chair Larry Agran today delivered his fourth annual State of the Great Park address. While Chair Agran's comments reviewed the Park's history, accomplishments, and recent awards, his focus today was more on another Great Park milestone-the upcoming development of 500 acres of the Park. With the funding already in place, the Great Park Board, followed by the City Council, will consider the project beginning in September.

. . . The key points of Chair Agran's message regarding the Park's next construction steps included:

. . . "We are urging President Obama to consider the Great Park for economic stimulus funds.  We have ample resources for the 500-acre development plan, but federal funds would enable us to accelerate our construction schedule and put more people to work."


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