Laptop Larceny

Bob Aul

This letter is directed to the person who decided to steal my laptop last week. Did you know I live on the streets? You must because I live in the bushes behind your apartment complex. I paid honestly earned cash for that computer, only to have some dishonest turd such as yourself steal it. Your cowardly action has set me back months! I now need to save up money again so I can purchase another one. Recycling for four hours per night so that I can eat, as well as setting money aside for another computer, isn't fun. Yes, I do live in the bushes, but my camp is probably cleaner and more orderly than the personal hole you live in. I saved up my money to buy that computer so I could look for a job and improve my life. It's sad to know that people like you feel theft is the only way to improve yours. By the way, good luck trying to get it to operate. I was smart enough to program the BIOS lock when I bought it.

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