Laguna Beach Parents Frazzled by Facebook War Get Web Safety Lesson

In light of the recent Facebook war that turned bloody, a free presentation is being held at Laguna Beach High School tonight to answer questions parents have about "learning to deal with children growing up in the 21st century as it relates to technology use."

"What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child Safe," which is presented by the Laguna Beach Community Coalition, is scheduled to run from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the school library at 625 Park Ave.

Victor Guthrie, director of technology with the Laguna Beach Unified School District, and Mark Wagner, president of the Educational Technology and Life Corp., lead the presentation.

According to a coalition press release:

They will address such universal issues as: the proper use of technology both in the home and at school monitoring your child's use of technology, utilizing safeguards to support proper use of technology, addressing challenges the internet presents in a proactive manner, protocol for social networking, and steps to make "internet surfing" safer.

The World Wide Web has become a great tool for learning, "but like many new technologies, it can also be abused," according to the coalition. "There are serious concerns that educators, parents, and students must recognize."

The presentation is aimed at providing "simple proactive strategies to reduce the risks."

By working together, the schools, police departments, and communities can help keep students safe online while still allowing (and encouraging) responsible and ethical use of these powerful online tools.

The coalition is composed of representatives from the LBUSD, Boys & Girls Club, Laguna Beach Police Department, CAN-OC, parents, teens, and many other local groups. For more information on the presentation, contact Robert Billinger, assistant principal at Laguna Beach High School, at (949) 497-7750, ext. 201.


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