Carreon, at right: Who knew such a venomous man was an beer-bellied, middle-aged pendejo?
Carreon, at right: Who knew such a venomous man was an beer-bellied, middle-aged pendejo?

La Voz de Aztlan Defends Local Muslims--By Demonizing Jews

If I were a member of UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union, I'd be scared: Hector Carreon is taking up your cause! The sole writer of the notoriously gay-bashing, Jew-trashing La Voz de Aztlán--who has taken to leaving anonymous death threats against me and having minions leave homophobic slurs against me on other blogs--has recently posted twice on the latest controversy affecting the MSU in its eternal fight with Jewish student groups and the Zionist Organization of America. Turns out that the latter recently sent out letters to the U.S. Department of Justice and UC Irvine complaining about an event the MSU hosted earlier this year (read the MSU's response here).

Here comes the conspiratorial Carreon. On Oct. 6, he opined that "The ZOA is headquartered in New York City and is funded by Wall Street tycoons, bankers and other wealthy Jews." Wow, three different synonyms for Jews in one sentence! Did you go to college with Martin Cox?

Insinuating a Jewish effort against the MSU wasn't enough, however; Carreon then exploited a tragic hate crime to affirm his hideous theories.

Last week, Carreon claimed that the ZOA's efforts would lead to more hate crimes against local Muslims. He referred to the horrific 2003 beating of Rashid Alam in a Yorba Linda park by "a mob of White and Jewish youths." What a


liar. Unlike Carreon, I've actually


the police reports and paperwork filed by Alam's lawyers in a successful civil suit against his attackers. NOWHERE is there any mention of Jewish anything--quite the opposite, the assailants were neo-Nazis, a group that doesn't exactly welcome


. Even Carreon's original scribblings on the story made no mention of Jews.

Distance yourself as far as possible from Carreon, MSU students. The last time he tried to help out local activists, they got burned because of his anti-Jewish rants. And Hector--would it kill you to "stop using quotation marks" at random moments? It's a total give-away whenever you anonymously leave threatening remarks--no amount of Internet proxies can hide such apparent idiocies.


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