LA Times Delivery Problems Prove that Some People Still Read Newspapers

LA Times Delivery Problems Prove that Some People Still Read Newspapers

The Los Angeles Times shuttered their Costa Mesa-based printing press facility last week, and the effects are being felt today. "Many problems with the Los Angeles Times presses last night and early this morning -- with numerous breakages of the pressroom web -- and some papers are still just being delivered," reports LA Observed. "Advertisers and readers are reportedly livid all over the place." 

Wait. People miss the ink-and-paper Times? This may just be the more encouraging news for newspapers in a long while.

As of an hour ago, the Times' LA Now

blog said

that 95% of the papers had been delivered. 

Of course, this is a perfect day for this to happen, given that the Lakers cinched the NBA national championship last night and southland fans might want a copy of their hometown paper's front page to commemorate the event. But Times publisher Eddy Hartenstein says that basketball isn't related to the production problems.

Longtime pressman Ed Padgett has the tale on his blog of what happened at the Times' press plant last night.

"In my thirty-eight years working at the Los Angeles Times, last night was the very first time I wondered if we would deliver today's edition to our readers," he writes. The post finishes with this: "I'm just your average pressman and say we need to reopen the Los Angeles Times Orange County Plant, for the remainder of this year, if anyone's listening?"

Wow, talk about a snafu witha silver lining. Turns out that newspapers and Orange County aren't quite dispensable!


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