Duran: #sehace
Duran: #sehace
Courtesy of Beto Duran

L.A. Chargers Hire Beto Duran as Host of Chargers Talk and Make History

We at OC Weekly have long trashed the NFL Chargers, mostly because Clockwork Coker and music editor Nate Jackson are Raiders fans, and because I can't forgive the Spanos family ever since they stupidly fired Marty Schottenheimer way back when. But the team, now scheduled to play in Carson but with team practice facilities and offices in Costa Mesa, pulled off a veritable coup by hiring popular Southern California sports journalist/commentator/announcer/podcaster/taco judge Beto Duran as both a reporter and host of their radio program, Chargers Talk.

The Chargers know they got a gem, too. From their press release:

Throughout the week leading up to the game, Duran will provide in-depth reporting on the Chargers for iHeartMedia stations in L.A., and serve as the host of AM 570’s Chargers Talk on gameday. Duran is a popular bilingual sports broadcaster who has covered Southern California sports since 2005 for outlets such as ESPN Radio and Spectrum SportsNet, including reports for the Los Angeles Lakers Spanish broadcast team.


I'm sure someone keeps track of these kind of things, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. But I do believe that Duran is the first non-former-player Mexican-American to ever host a radio show for an NFL team. And the great thing about Duran is that he earned this by tirelessly reporting on Southern California decade for over a decade; He first made waves when reporting the truth about former USC (and Mission Viejo High) quarterback Mark Sanchez's Mexican-flag mouthguard.

Asked for comment, Duran only offered some chavala-ass platitude via text: "Hosting Chargers Talk is a big honor. Can't wait to connect with the fans." Trust us, everyone: he's smarter and WAY funnier than that.  Congrats, Beto: You've earned it, and you're inspiring the next generation of raza reporters and podcasters. Everyone: subscribe to his podcast, Living the Dream, and follow him on Twitter @duransports.

Chargers? More smart moves like this, por favor. And Los Angeles Rams? That you never offered a job to Beto proves once again how pendejo y'all are. Hey, I hear Chris Everett is still available...


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