KOCE President Mel Rogers Amongst the Unemployed!

So, KOCE-TV Channel 50 is patting its own back over covering President Barack Obama's Wednesday speech at the Orange County Fairgrounds--didn't see it, so can't comment. But I can opine on the words of KOCE president Mel Rogers. In an email he sent to a KOCE listserv, Rogers enthused about the energy and makeup of the crowd. "It was packed, crowded, hot and there were no prime seats for local VIPs," Rogers wrote. "It was wonderfully populist. I stood in a  90 minute long line with people from all strata of society. Some were wearing t-shirts and flip flops (not appropriate for the occasion in my opinion)." Okay, so Rogers is a bit of a sartorial elitist. But that's not the best line in his email. Talking about how he and other people had to sit far away, Rogers then blurted out, "That's okay, those who are unemployed were able to spend the night in line. They got all the good seats. Perhaps there is some ironic justice in that."

And how does Rogers know the employment status of those who attended, or their seating arrangement? What a dope, but can't say I'm surprised.


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