KOCE Docu on OC Catholics Funded (Mostly) by Pedo-Spinners

It's still to be seen what exactly will KOCE-TV Channel 50's much-hyped documentary about Orange County Catholic life will contain (how much you wanna bet not a peep about the pedophile priests that terrorized county parishes for a quarter century?), but the Weekly can report that most of its principal funders helped the Diocese of Orange spin its sex-abuse scandal in one way or another.

The four sponsors listed for Matters of Faith (airing April 28th at 7 p.m.) are the law offices of Aitken, Aitken and Cohn; Robinson, Calcagnie & Robinson; Federico Sayre; and Tim Busch and his wife. Connect the dots between these firms and pedophile priests below!

*Darren Aitken provided legal cover for OC Blog proprietor Matt "Jubal" Cunningham back when Matt was outing sex-abuse victims without their consent. *Tim Busch sought the advice of raping priest John Lenihan in starting JSerra High School *Mark Robinson of Robinson, Calcagnie & Robinson (along with Darren's father, Wylie) helped Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown avoid juries in the diocese's original 2004 $100 million settlement.

The only sponsor with no ties to Orange County Catholic pedo-spinning is Sayre, but he should know better than to help out Brown. Last year, Sayre successfully reached a settlement for eight Las Vegas hotel workers who were forced to have sex with supervisors lest they get fired. So some sex predators are better to fund than others, Fred?

*UPDATE: Per Jubal's comment below, it's only fair to state he outed sex-abuse victims in a blind rush to defend his pastor, Monsignor John Urell, from...um, we're still trying to figure that one out.


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