Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Divorce Off?

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, the former (?) Newport Coast couple with the most-est, are apparently calling off the divorce.

Having increasingly been spotted together in public in the six months since his wife of 11 years filed for divorce, Black Mamba has apparently convinced the former Vanessa Laine of Huntington Beach to give it another go.

Vanessa filed for divorce in Orange County Superior Court in December, alleging the 33-year-old NBA superstar has repeatedly been unfaithful.

Kobe Bryant's Wife, Vanessa Bryant, Files for Divorce

While the couple was working out custody and divorce issues, Kobe signed over the deeds to all three of his Newport Coast homes to Vanessa in January. They have been living apart ever since, but enjoy joint custody of their two daughters.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant "Close Sources" Differ on How Many Newport Coast Estates She Gets

On Valentine's Day, the couple was spotted sharing a kiss at a Laker's game, and they've been seen all lovey-dovey multiple times since.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Reconciling?

Under California law, six months must pass before final divorce papers can be signed. The magic mark was Monday and, according to TMZ, Vanessa did not put pen to paper because Kobe is apparently deploying the full-court press to keep this team together.

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