Know Nothing Leaders Jeff Schwilk and William Gheen Add Homophobic Slurs to their Rolodex of Racism

Know Nothing Leaders Jeff Schwilk and William Gheen Add Homophobic Slurs to their Rolodex of Racism

We're all accustomed to hear anti-immigrant loons rail:  illegal alien SAVAGES, PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH, TWO FOR SPANISH, and other priceless couplets. But, until this new wave of Know Nothings, there was at least a bit of class. Sure, Barbara Coe and her minions would spew all sorts of vitriol about Mexicans and other immigrants, but never in a decade of covering her have I heard Barb cuss or use bona fide slurs. The same, sadly, can't be said for William Gheen and Jeff Schwilk.

Gheen is the head of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), who dramatically broke from Coe last week. In a July 10 email to longtime Jim Gilchrist ally Tim Bueler (who longtime Weekly readers will remember was once a young teen ready to kill Muslims when he grew up), Gheen took issue with Bueler's attack on ALIPAC.

"...Put a cork in it you little butt boy fanatic," Mean Gheen screamed. "I've dealt with your types all my life... constantly looking for the biggest political hand you can shake and the biggest dick you can suck in politics...If you are going to write me, please try harder not to sound so much like Jim's little bitch ok?"

"Butt boy" gawd, I hadn't heard that one since junior high!

San Diego Minutemen head Jeff Schwilk was a bit more civil in the same email chain; his only contribution was violent fantasy about his mortal enemy Gilchrist. "Its a good thing Gilly didn't show up [at some Know Nothing gathering in San Diego County]- they would have used him as a piñata for all the kids," he wrote. "The Nacho Ramos boys would have probably busted him to pieces in seconds!"

But in a private email to me, Schwilk joined Gheen in tossing around homophobic slurs. I think he's mad at me because I earlier talked about how Schwilk never wants to go on the record with me when sharing interesting points but doesn't mind defaming Asian women. "Game on, Puto Boy!!" the subject line of Schwilk's email read. "Puto," of course, means "faggot" in Mexican Spanish, and the only other person who ever uses homophobic slurs to attack me is Hector Carreon of the Jew-bashing, gay-trashing La Voz de Aztlan. Birds of a feather...


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