Trial ongoing
Trial ongoing

Kim Pham Trial, A Note: The Young Face of the Press

Day two of the Kim Pham trial is going on as most day two of trials go: Prosecution and defense are arguing back and forth about whether a witness can see through and around people. The audience has largely cleared out, now mostly made up of Pham's close friends and family, Zavala's family, and Brito's family. And the jury is left to wonder whether "on their knees" equates to "on the ground."

In short, the TV cameras and photographers aren't there anymore, it's nitty gritty time.

So I take this opportunity to make an observation that I find interesting: The press corps covering this case might be one of the youngest corps to ever cover a high profile murder trial.

During yesterday's opening arguments, the Los Angeles Times sent Adolfo Flores, a very good journalist and acquaintance of mine, to file dispatches. He graduated college in 2010. With the Register's former top courts reporter Vik Jolly taking a buyout, this case falls to the wonderful Claudia Koerner, who graduated from Arizona State University's Cronkite school in 2009 and is more than ready for the case. And with Moxley out this week, the Weekly has sent me. For those of you who are curious, I am 24.

If it weren't for the old-timers from the various Vietnamese papers, and Paul Anderson from City News Service, the average age of the journalists in the room would have been roughly 26. I'm sure there's a commentary on modern journalism somewhere in there.


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