Kevin Smith, Joel Siegel and Scott Foundas

Filmmaker Kevin Smith was on "Opie & Anthony" yesterday and, in a bit of inspired radio, they got ABC's Good Morning, America film reviewer Joel Siegel on the horn about Siegel having not only walked out of a press previewer screening of Clerks II but apparently making an ass out of himself doing it. Even after Siegel apologized, Opie, Anthony & Smith kept piling it on about the critic's lack of professionalism. Remember in Glengarry Glen Ross when Jack Lemmon, who upon accidentally implicating himself in a theft at his office, is being so torn to shreads by Kevin Spacey that Lemmon whimpers something about his ill daughter (which is met by a "Fuck you!" from Spacey)? That's how Siegel sounded when he brought up his previous battle with cancer as his tormenters were teeing off on him.

Not that we'd excuse what Siegel did, but it is interesting that Smith would call out someone for being unprofessional at a screening given the way he acted toward Weekly film reviewer Scott Foundas.


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