Kevin MacDonald Gets Punked!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is reporting that students at Long Beach State are organizing against psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, he of that convict-loving, white-power political party, the American Third Position.

They want MacDonald fired, a tough task considering his tenure, but will settle for merely humiliating him by passing out fliers detailing his pseudo-academic writing on Jews and his party's wish to deport all non-whites (and Jews! And gays!) from the United States. Their first action happened this week, on Long Beach State's first day of class, where three students (one white!) entered MacDonald's class and confronted him about his white-supremacist ties in front of his students (many non-white, quite a few probably children of post-1965 immigrants).

I interviewed the trio for my KPFK-FM 90.7 radiola (every Thursday at 3 p.m.), and to add to the conspiracy: one of the invaders was a mestizo, another I think was half-White and half-mestizo, the White guy had a Jewish last name, and all were socialists! Here's MacDonald's take, where he tries to spin his way out of comments he's given to sympathetic White journalists.

Shaky, barely audible video of the invasion after the jump.


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