Cathy Thomas at a protest for her son last year.
Cathy Thomas at a protest for her son last year.
Chris Victorio

Kelly Thomas' Mother Gets Million Dollar Payout From Fullerton City Officials

To end a potential civil lawsuit against the Fullerton Police Department for savagely killing her son Kelly Thomas last July for no good reason, city officials tonight announced they will pay Cathy Thomas $1 million. 

The settlement, approved by a 5-0 vote, was announced at the city council's meeting following a closed-door session.

Ron Thomas, the victim's father, has not yet reached a settlement with the city.

In a statement to the council, Brian Gurwitz, the attorney who represented Cathy Thomas, spoke about his client's hope for continued healing in the wake of her son's brutal death.

"To lose a son at the hands of rogue police officers is an indescribable horror," said Gurwitz. "There is nothing this council could ever do to compensate for the loss she's suffered. But throughout settlement discussions, my client and her family have been treated with great respect by the city's representatives."

It is not clear how long the city had been negotiating with Cathy Thomas. According to a press release on the city's webpage, Cathy and her lawyer sought an early resolution of her potential legal claims. The parties reportedly entered into a non-binding mediation before agreeing to terms.

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