Fullerton Mayor Ron Thomas?
Fullerton Mayor Ron Thomas?
R. Scott Moxley

Kelly Thomas' Dad: I Want to be Fullerton's Mayor

Ron Thomas, the man whose 37-year-old son was savagely killed by Fullerton police last July, announced tonight that he eventually wants to be named the city's mayor.

Thomas told the Weekly's Brandon Ferguson that he hopes Fullerton can reorganize as a charter city where the mayor runs the government with a weak, subservient city manager.

"Once we can get this a charter city, I'm moving to Fullerton and running for mayor," Thomas said.

The announcement came as early election returns show that Fullerton voters have agreed to recall the city council's majority of Dick Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley after they callously downplayed the unnecessary killing of an unarmed Thomas by a group of cops.

"I'm headed into battle," said Thomas. "I would continue to grind those three (Jones, Bankhead and McKinley) into the ground and I will continue to grind [their possible replacements] until I get my answers [about the killing of my son]."

Thomas made his statement outside the Pint House in Fullerton where recall leader Tony Bushala, the man who used his blog to make the Thomas killing international news, and his allies have gathered.

Inside the pub, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson celebrated and said, "There was a bully in the school yard and somebody [Bushala] had to have the balls to stand up and punch them in the mouth."

In early voting returns, Travis Kiger--one of the reform candidates hoping to win a seat on the council--is building an impressive lead.

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