Keeping Abreast of the Latest From Our Nuclear Power Plant

Perhaps you thought the only news coming out of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) lately concerned fresh Nuclear Regulatory Commission complaints about operators being slow to address nagging plant problems (coming six months after an announcement that a battery on a backup generator had been inoperable for years and more than a year after revelations that a worker falsified records to hide that he'd skipped hourly fire patrols), or the latest batch of anti-cancer potassium iodide pills coming to South Countians, you know, just in case SONGS goes all Chernobyl or China Syndrome on us.

But distributorcapNY has pulled our favorite friendly neighborhood nuclear power plant into the still-raging debate over Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show or, as the blogger puts it, the "Tit That Ate the Super Bowl":

To remind everyone, the entire country went up in a mushroom cloud when JJ's nipple was exposed to a Puritanical America for exactly 9/16 (nine-sixteenths) of a SECOND. While the appeals court called this fleeting, the Supremes felt that 9/16 of a second was more than enough time to hurry love and produce 100,000,000 spontaneous erections. Amazingly, Antonin and The Supremes have not yet ruled on whether the San Onofre Nuclear Reactor along the heavy traveled 5 in California is a fleeting problem to drivers. It certainly takes more than 9/16ths of a second to drive by these two giant tits disguised as containment facilities.


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