Karen Elaine Hanover Guilty of "Spoofing" to Impersonate FBI Agent Who Spooked Her Critics

Karen Elaine Hanover, 44, of Seal Beach, has been convicted for using "spoofing" technology to impersonate FBI agents in phone calls threatening her business clients with prison stretches after they complained on an Internet blog that she was scamming them.

The real estate saleswoman faces up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine at her Jan. 9 sentencing in federal court in Santa Ana.

Hanover was acquitted Friday on two obstruction of justice counts, something that will please her because each of them carried 20-year prison stretches, her attorney tells the Orange County Register.

Shady real estate deals prompted some of Hanover's clients to complain. She then used "spoofing" software, an online service that allows a caller to disguise a number and create a fake caller ID, to make those clients believe she was an FBI agent threatening them to keep their mouths shut about Hanover.

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