Kaba Modern to Perform at the VMA Pre-Show

Though UC Irvine-based hip-hop dance troupe only placed a disappointing third (when evvveryone knew they should have at least been second—c'mon America!) in the debut season of MTV's Best American Dance Crew, they're back for another competition: The chance to present at Sunday's Video Music Awards and $25,000 to their charity of choice.

Viewers tuned in last Saturday as the top dance crews from both Season One and Two reconvened to dance to VMA-nominated videos—audiences then voted on their top two, which came down to Kaba and the Los Angeles-based Fanny Pak (not to be confused with the other Fannypack.)

Since their appearance on MTV, Kaba Modern has made appearances around the world, hosting events and performing on television programs—even the KTLA Morning News, as seen in the YouTube clip below. Now tune into the VMA pre-show this Sunday to watch Fanny Pak (boooo) and Kaba Modern go at it—no word yet on who it is exactly that will be choosing the winner, but at least it's all going to charity. We know the VMAs stopped being cool and exciting like, eight years ago, but watch anyway and support some local kids doing what they love to do.

The MTV Video Music Awards air Sunday at 9 p.m.; pre-show begins at 8 p.m.


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