K-9 Killer

Box Brown

It's Monday afternoon, and you just ran over my neighbor's dog on Rancho Santiago and killed it. I saw the whole thing. You slowed down, but you didn't stop. You just kept going. The dog died in the arms of the little girl who loved and cherished it. I hope you have to think about what you did while you clean blood off your SUV because there was a lot of it. We called the police and gave them your description and your gold plate number. I know what you look like and what you drive. You make me sick. You'd better pray every day of your miserable life for forgiveness because I know with complete certainty there is a special place in hell for maggots such as you. Here's a thought, you pathetic coward: You know where the little girl lives. It happened right in front of her house. You saw her run into the street to try to save her poor dog. Why don't you give her some flowers and a card with some money to help with costs and the suffering you caused? Otherwise, I'm afraid you are doomed to burn in hell forever.

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