Wheely messed up?
Wheely messed up?

Justin Bieber Cruising Disneyland in a Wheelchair Draws Swift Biebot Defense

Justin Bieber pivoted from pissing off wealthy neighbors to pissing off Disneyland guests over the weekend, when it was assumed he was making like your grandmother by using a wheelchair to cut to the front of attraction lines. But a rep for the Biebs says it ain't so ...

To set the scene, Bieber was seen being pushed around the Anaheim theme park in a wheelchair, leading to speculation and tweets that he was unjustly jumping lines.

Among those who called him out was TMZ, who soon heard from Biebots that the greatest barely legal juvenile delinquent pop singer in the world legitimately injured himself playing hoops, and only sat in the wheelchair for a few minutes.

"We're told he did NOT use it to cut lines ... and in fact, he wouldn't need to since Disney already escorts him into rides to avoid huge crowds," reports TMZ.

So, please Mouseketeers, only hate him for the other stuff.

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