Just Who Were Those Bigots at the No on 8 Rally Yesterday?

Got to the big rally late yesterday, but did my bit of karmic good and promoted the event on my KPFK-FM 90.7 show. Moxley pretty much nailed it, so all I can add is the identity of the few bigots that tried to disrupt the 500 or so folks who peacefully, happily denounced the California State Supreme Court's gay marriage decision. They are the Official Street Preachers, and they are loco.

Or maybe repressed is the word. It's run by one Ruben Israel, and his bio has a lurid testimonial in which he claims a protester "ejaculate[d] on my leg, not once but twice as they mocked God." Most of his crew seems to be men. And the praise music featured all over his website is...ah, see for yourself:


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