Just Another Orange County Weekend

Business was brisk Friday night at the Swinging Door Saloon in Tustin, but whooping it up in one corner more than anyone else in the watering hole known for its calendar girl bartenders was a small group of women and maybe one or two dudes.

The leaders of the pack seemed to be a couple thin blondes who grinded, shook their moneymakers and, in the case of one, used a pool stick to pole dance to the music. Who were these chicks, who a couple decades earlier would have inspired David Lee Roth? During a choo-choo train dance around a pool table, they revealed the answer.

"We're teachers and today was the last day of school," said the blonde pole shark, who'd later hit the floor. Not on purpose.

"Thirty-three fifth graders all go back to their parents," yelled the other blonde with a maniacal, victorious laugh.


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