Just Another Orange County Murder: Mary Bowman

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The 40-year-old daughter of Mary Bowman, 75, called 9-1-1 about 8 p.m. Wednesday to say her mother was not feeling well. Paramedics at Bowman's condominium at 1700 West Cerritos Avenue in Anaheim to discover she was suffering from a major head injury. She was rushed to UCI Medical Center where she was treated for brain swelling and induced into a coma before dying.

Investigators, who believe Bowman suffered blunt force trauma but found no signs of forced entry into the woman's condo, have deemed this a suspicious death. Her daughter, Kathy Franco, is no longer cooperating with police, according to a report in today's Orange County Register that indicates she told investigators she feel she needs to hire a defense attorney.

Anaheim Police Department's homicide detectives are now on the case.


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