Just Another Orange County Murder? Joel Edwardo Sanchez

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Okay, so this one hasn't been deemed a murder yet, but Joel Edwardo Sanchez, 17, of Los Angeles, was pronounced dead at Beach Boulevard south of Slater Avenue in Huntington Beach sometime after 7 p.m. Friday after being pushed or punched out of a car and into the path of another moving vehicle.

Three vehicles heading north on Beach just before 7 p.m. are believed to have become embroiled in a road-rage confrontation. The drivers pulled over to the east side of Beach, and occupants of the vehicles poured out and began fighting. Sanchez was either pushed into the street or he was punched and fell there. In any event, a passing vehicle struck him, resulting in his death.

No one has been arrested. Huntington Beach Police detectives are asking anyone with information to call them at (714) 375-5066.


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