Take the pills, stay hydrated, and hope you're not allergic.
Advantages: If you can bear to be touched, expect an unparalleled physical experience. Every sense will stretch itself to the fullest, wrapping you and your lover in a cocoon of intense physical exuberance. One woman in Weekly HQ swears she once orgasmed merely from someone touching her breast. Three guesses as to who it was. Disadvantages: Kinda ruins the experience when you're not rolling. That's right, X can ruin sex. Plus the urge to bite down (hence pacifiers around the necks of Candy Kids everywhere) puts tongues everywhere in danger. Difficulty in maintaining erection is often counteracted with Viagra.

Is it a rave drug? Is it a date-rape drug? It depends. Advantages: Alcohol-like effects include bubbliness, relaxation, attraction. Produces ecstatic states and confidence, which is more than can be said for every lover. Can enhance erections and orgasms. Disadvantages:Also acts like booze in high doses, as in you fall into a coma with little to no recollection of your exploits. Try having a GHB party with trusted friends in a safe environment to familiarize yourself with its effects.

Supposedly milder than Ecstasy; to ingest is best. Advantages: Puts you inside yourself, experiencing your body's sensory input from a novel and exciting perspective. You notice people's sexy, alluring qualities where none existed before. Disadvantages:You must be delicate in dosage. Nausea, shivering and intense paranoia aren't very sexy at all. Not to mention it can trigger latent psychological problems that put penis envy to shame, pathologically speaking.

Foxy methoxy; 5-methoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine. I mean—it's called foxy. Come on. Advantages:Puts you in tune with the music of the spheres, the harmonic vibrations of the universe. Sex is more like a convergence of epic melodies, with one hell of a crescendo. Disadvantages:Hit-and-miss. You'll either be rocking someone's body right or rocking the porcelain cradle. Still, mind-blowing, lifestyle-altering sex must be worth the risk of some dry heaves, right?

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