Judy (Ahrens) in the sky with dreamers

Based on almost absolutely nothing—or, alternatively, nothing—looks like it already could be curtains for Judith Ahrens' reign of terror on Westminster School Board. Or not. Candidate Mary Mangold—a Norwalk-La Mirada Unified teacher and longtime Ahrens foe—says that based on "our own campaigning and going door-to-door, it seems like there's a lot of grass-roots support." For her. Which could be just election night techno-babble. But Mangold, who'll be attending a Westminster Teachers Association bash tonight with fellow candidates Andrew Nguyen, a Garden Grove Unified janitor, and K. David Bridgewaters—a policeman! Look out!—is hopeful they'll actually have something to celebrate. "Most people, especially if they have children in our school district, realize what a negative influence Judith Ahrens has had on the school district," Mangold says, not hesitating to call the woman "a totally far-right fundamentalist." "Unfortunately," says Mangold, whom we're assuming voted—for herself (we would have), "some senior citizens who don't have children in the school district may still support her." Senior citizens? Old people. It's always the old people.


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