Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, for Limited Gun Control

Given his libertarian political views and the U.S. Constitution, retired Orange County judge James P. "Jim" Gray believes every American has the right to own a gun.

What kind of gun can be subject to debate, he adds.

"I don't think people should own a bazooka, for example," said Gray in a recent Illinois radio interview. "You know, you can own a Sherman tank but can you have a 22 millimeter gun on it? So there's a discussion that should be had on that, of course."

His comments were in the context of the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, incidents that naturally spark the gun-control debate, according to Gov. George Deukmejian 1989 appointee to the Orange County Superior Court bench.

OC Weekly Judge James P. Gray archives

Since retiring in January 2009, Gray has become a national spokesman for liberalizing drug use and possession. Someone in the Illinois listening audience may have wondered if he'd smoked something before answering whether he thought he and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson can win in November.

Noting their platform includes balancing the budget, bringing the troops home and repealing the income tax, Gray said, "We need to be polling well enough. And if we are, we're absolutely convinced that we will merit people's votes. We think the rules will change, people will see us as viable, and voters will flock to Governor Gary Johnson."

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