Deck: Cried in court today
Deck: Cried in court today

Judge Goes Easy On Guilty CHP Pedophile

"You had a weird sexual addition that bordered on perverse. It involved all kind of sexual activities and you are in need of serious treatment . . . [But] you served in law enforcement and I think that has to account for something."

--Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly this afternoon rejecting the Orange County District Attorney's request to sentence Stephen Robert Deck to prison for four year after the California Highway Patrol lieutenant was nabbed in a 2006 and Laguna Beach police sting as he was trying to screw a 13-year-old girl. (The girl was a police decoy.) Instead, Kelly gave a relieved, shaking Deck probation and ordered him to attend sex addiction classes. Deputy DA Robert Mestman had described the ex-cop as a "continued danger to society." Shackled to a chair, a shaking Deck cried and said, "I take full responsibility for my actions" and blurted out, "I am not a pedophile!" Kelly took sympathy. He gave the ex-cop five years' of formal probation, ordered him to serve another couple of months in the OC Jail plus register as a sex offender for life. Deck is also banned from being in the presence of children or using the Internet unless he's supervised by an adult.


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