Jubal Speaks

Nearly a week after posting an unredacted deposition revealing the names of six Orange diocese sex abuse victims, Friends of Monsignor John Urell webmaster Matt "Jubal" Cunningham posted a lengthy apology on his powerful, widely read OC Blog. Cunningham's mea culpa is rather extraordinary in that his previous commentaries about the Orange diocese sex-abuse scandal antagonized sex-abuse survivors and their supporters with his spin for Urell, the Orange diocese's former person in charge of investigation sex-abuse claims who didn't do the greatest of jobs.

"There were faithful, hurt Catholics who came to the Diocese for help and were treated as potential legal liabilities rather than members of the flock to be shepherded and cared for," wrote Cunningham. "And in my heart, I can’t account for that. It saddens and angers me they were treated that way, and I believe victims have every right to seek recompense from the Church and the Church has an obligation to make amends to victims of abuse by its clergy and employees." To his credit, Cunningham also tips the proverbial cap to the reporters and lawyers that hves pressured the Orange diocese for years to owe up to its pedo-protecting ways, entities Cunningham slammed just in the past month. And, shocker of shockers, Cunningham demands accountability from Urell, his pastor at St. Norbert in Orange. "I also want him to return," Cunningham adds, "so he can make specific amends to those people to whom he needs to make amends, and seek forgiveness." Good first step toward repentance, Matt: The next step is to resume your peepee match with John Manly.


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