Juan Carlos Davila, OC Homicide No. 23: 15-Year-Old Was Shot in Head 2 Weeks Ago

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Juan Carlos Davila

, 15, of Santa Ana, was taken off life support just after noon Friday, making him the latest murder and gang-violence victim in the city.

Davila was walking with a friend in the 1100 block of West Pine Street in Santa Ana around 2:15 p.m. May 18 when a white Suburban pulled up to them. The driver asked the boys about their gang affiliation, which they shouted back at him.

The driver pulled out a gun and shot Davila in the head. The driver then chased the friend, fired two shots that missed and sped off.

No description was provided of the shooter.

Davila's death is Santa Ana's third gang-related homicide this year.


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