Joshua Allen Robey GUILTY of Trying to Kill His Baby Son by Choking, Punching and Swinging in Noose: Update

See the update at the end of this post on the defendant being found guilty.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 15, 10:14 A.M.: It's a week for Ugly Police Mugshot of the Week "winners" having their days in court. Tuesday it was "Fuck the Police" tatted James Christopher Corr being convicted of stealing a pregnant mom's SUV with her 2 1/2-year-old son and dog in the backseat and running over her foot as he drove off. Trial begins today for Joshua Allen Robey, the chap at right who looks less menacing than Corr but is accused of a far uglier crime.

The Costa Mesa 26-year-old is accused of trying to murder his 2-month-old son by swinging him by the neck with a noose-like blanket and repeatedly punching, strangling and shaking the baby--crimes that authorities say was captured on video.

Joshua Allen Robey is a swinger, according to authorities.
Joshua Allen Robey is a swinger, according to authorities.
Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office

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The drifter's girlfriend and mother of his child suspected her beau was a cheater. So, she hid a camera in the Anaheim home she lives in with her mother. The secret video does not show infidelity when Robey came over to babysit his boy on Oct. 18, 2011, according to cops and prosecutors, but the dad wrapping a blanket around the infant's neck, picking the baby up by lifting the ends of the blanket like a noose, and swinging the child around for more than a minute.

The video goes on to show Robey punching the then-2-month-old several times in the chest with closed fists, repeatedly slapping the child and grabbing him by the throat with both hands, lifting him in the air, and violently shaking him, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

At one point, as the baby cried, Robey allegedly covered the child's mouth with a hand, grabbed him by the neck with the other and shook him in the air, states the OCDA, adding that the father is accused of attempting to suffocate his pride and joy with both the blanket and his hands.

After seeing the baby-monitor video, Robey's girlfriend told his mother. The girlfriend's mother took the child to a hospital the next day. Hospital staff informed Anaheim Police of the abuse. Cops from that agency arrested Robey at a Santa Ana motel that night.

Robey is charged with one felony count each of attempted murder, torture, and child abuse with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury to a child under 5 years old. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison. Opening statements were expected to begin today in Fullerton.

UPDATE, AUG. 19, 5:25 P.M.: Joshua Allen Robey was convicted today of attempted murder, torture and child abuse for swinging his 2-month-old son around by the neck with a blanket as well as punching, strangling and shaking the infant.

Robey is scheduled to appear for sentencing on Sept. 27.

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