Solorio: Haven't you heard of Movember?
Solorio: Haven't you heard of Movember?

Jose Solorio Can't Even Get Jerry Brown to Pronounce His Last Name Correctly in Campaign Ad

It's been a rough 2014 for Jose Solorio, the current Rancho Santiago Community College District trustee who made his name as a former SanTana councilmember, a state assemblymember, and the best political mustache since William Howard Taft. The bigote is gone, replaced by an upper lip that's far too sweaty for comfort. Solorio's campaign is facing a brutal attack by opponent (and current OC supervisor) Janet Nguyen. And even when Solorio gets a heavyweight in his corner, like he recently did when California governor Jerry Brown recorded some radio ads for him (currently airing on a loop on KFI-Am 640), the heavyweight goes Glass Joe on him in his effort.

How bad? Brown couldn't even be bothered to pronounce Solorio's last name right for the ad, pronouncing it So-LAY-rio instead of the proper So-LOH-rio.

Here's the proof:

No one's asking for an Adolfo López Guzmán-style flourish. But even the most gabacha Coto de Caza housewife will pronounce Solorio's apellido correctly without even trying. How come Brown couldn't do the same--and how come Solorio's team couldn't be bothered to ask him to do a second take? But par for Solorio's 2014 course--and I blame it all on the lack of mustache. Hey, Jose: the election DOES take place during Movember...

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