Jorge Gutierrez Allegedly Pulled Over with 24 Kilos of Coke Before $1.3 mil is Found in Attic

It turns out the 24 kilos of cocaine, worth half a million dollars, inside the car of a 42-year-old fellow pulled over on the 22 freeway recently were not the only curious things in his possession, according to authorities.

The routine traffic stop near the La Veta off-ramp led to an upscale residence in Laguna Niguel that Jorge Gutierrez had rented--and the discovery of $1.3 million in cash.

KTLA 5's Orange County Bureau Chief Chip Yost had the "exclusive" courtesy of the L.A. IMPACT narcotics task force.

Gutierrez was stopped on Aug. 29, when the seizure of the coke led to a search warrant being served at Gutierrez's apartment, where the $1.3 mil was found stashed in the attic, according to the report.

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