Jonathan Michael Schmidt Held for 2nd Hate Crime in 2 Days at Main Street, Huntington Beach

Have haters in Orange County taken crazy pills?

Or, more likely, are they off their meds?

About 18 1/2 hours after a Caucasian woman was arrested for punching a Latino worker while yelling "I fucking hate you beaners!" on Main Street in Huntington Beach, a haole hobo near the same stretch of downtown was arrested for shouting "Fucking Mexican, go back to Mexico!" at a Latina motorist, spitting in her face and trying to run her over with his bike.

Stay classy, Surf City.

Here's my report on the first case:

Oh, and I got Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuizen's mug shot after that post went up:

Meanwhile, around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday, the 36-year-old woman stopped at a stop sign near Main Street on her way to taking her sister to a chocolate shop. (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, perhaps? Love their almond brittle.) That's when the stranger on a bicycle approached the open driver's side window and, without provocation, yelled profanities and racial slurs and spit on the woman's face.

She drove away and reached her destination. But as she and her sister were getting out of the car, the same douchebag rode up, unleashed more venom and spit on the woman's back before darting off.

The nightmare still was not over.

Out of nowhere, the hater on wheels appeared riding directly at the woman, who had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit.

The police was called--Main Street is nothing if not teeming with cops in cars and on foot. Following a quick investigation, Jonathan Michael Schmidt, 31, of that park you hate visiting or stoop you avoid, was placed under arrest.

The Orange County District Attorney's office has charged him with two felony counts of hate crime battery and one felony count of hate crime assault. Conviction could have him trying to spit and spew hate at brown inmates in the California prison system for up to five years and four months. Right now, he's dealing with those in the county jail facility holding him in lieu of $50,000 bail. He was expected to be arraigned this afternoon in Westminster.

Dreamboat has a prior prison conviction for false imprisonment in 2003. Dreamboat? Hey, Jonathan Michael Schmidt + Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuizen: I think we have a love match!


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