Jon Dumitru, Wackjob Orange Councilmember, Continues to Court the Anti-Muslim Vote for His Mayoral Campaign

Last time we checked in on Orange councilmember Jon Dumitru, he was leaving misspelled anti-Islamic ramblings on his Facebook page that he then tried to laughably clean up after the fact. That little incident sparked a nationwide furor, but turned Dumitru into a star among the lunatic set, the people who insist Muslims are trying to get us all sharia and shit.

Now, Dumitru is courting those pendejos and their money in his campaign for mayor of Orange.

In an email obtained by the Weekly, Dumitru sent an invitation for his March 28 fundraiser to one Steve Amundson. Who's Amundson? Just some anti-Islamic loon (and Red County contributor--remember when that website was at least somewhat readable?) who organized a protest against the Orange County Human Relations Commission last year because they dared give an award to Muzammil Siddiqi, head of the Islamic Society of Orange County, and as righteous a man as you'll ever find, Muslim or not. Before that, he helped to organize that nasty anti-Muslim Yorba Linda protest where Amundson and his ilk harassed Muslim kiddies and wished death on Muslims. Despite having no academic credentials, Amundson styles himself an expert on Islam, appearing at Republican gatherings as a self-labeled "Islamic expert whose studies and national security briefings have revealed the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the most dangerous Islamist terrorist organization in the U.S."

Dumitru told Amundson he "would greatly appreciate" his attendance and to "forward [the invite] to others that may be interested in supporting my campaign," adding that the $250-minimum fundraiser would cost only $25 to anti-Muslim people, specifically members of ACT! for America, the wacky-ass anti-Islam crew with more than a few members in Orange County.

Amundsen did his part. Yesterday, he forwarded Dumitru's email to his mailing list, noting, "We need to support those running for public office who understand the threat from Islamists.   Please attend if you can and pass this on to your entire mail list, especially those living in the city of Orange."

Nice for Dumitru to tell all the Muslims that live in Orange that he wants the support of troglodytes like Amundsen who think their kind are evil. Will Dum-Dum offer a Qu'ran burning game as well?

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