John Wayne Airport Shop Sells Mexican Jumping Beans--WTF?

I'm in San Antonio right now, speaking at community colleges and eating so much Tex-Mex cuisine I now sweat processed cheese. Before catching my flight from John Wayne Airport on Sunday, I went into one of the shops next to the gates that sells magazines and other curios--don't remember the exact one. Near the register was a display for Mexican jumping beans.

Oh, the vestiges of Old Mexico, when the only acceptable real-life Mexican was Leo Carrillo and the food wabs ate was deemed Spanish! What on Earth would possess an airport shop to sell these? I understand such stores have every possible tourist trap imaginable to get quick bucks (in the San Antonio airport, I saw enough "Don't Mess with Texas" curios to make Mexicans seem as jingoistic as the Swiss), but Mexican jumping beans aren't even native to Southern California and haven't been in vogue for, oh, 40 years. Does the shopkeeper believe that those who visit Orange County have antiquated notions of Mexicans--or is it simply following the county's Mexican-ignorant ethos? And I still want to know--why does anyone outside of Sonora even give a flying flip about these larvae?

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