John Urell Gets Punked!!!

John Urell Gets Punked!!!

John Urell, pastor to the powerful (see: Supervisor Bill Campbell, blog king Matt "Jubal" Cunningham), pedo-priest protector supreme, was the victim of a brilliant prank this past Sunday at St. Timothy in Laguna Niguel. Someone created the flyer above, which details at length Urell's role in the Diocese of Orange's sex-abuse scandal, and inserted it into nearly all the church bulletins after morning Mass. Even better, the same prankster slipped the flyer under the windshield of every car in St. Timothy's parking lot and in the surrounding neighborhood. No word yet on who did it or why, but one witness told the Weekly that the flyer got the job done. "People picked up the flyers," said the longtime parishioner, who requested anonymity, "and didn't throw them away." Tee-hee!

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