John Patrick Bedell, one troubled boy.
John Patrick Bedell, one troubled boy.

John Patrick Bedell Interest Sparks Irvine Police Statement on Pentagon Shooter

Perhaps hoping to dispense with media inquiries in one press release swoop, the Irvine Police Department has released information far and wide about the June 2006 arrest of John Patrick Bedell.

He, of course, is the slain "Pentagon Shooter" and subject of my Weekly colleague Nick Schou's previous blog post.

Here is the Irvine police account from the desk of Lt. John Hare:

On June 2, 2006, Irvine Police Officers responded to an apartment at 238 Amherst Aisle within the City of Irvine. Officers were called to this address due to neighbor complaints about marijuana plants being grown on the balcony of an apartment. 

Responding officers could plainly see marijuana plants on the balcony. Based on this information, Detectives obtained a Search Warrant for the apartment which was served on June 6, 2006.
John Bedell was present when the Warrant was served and he was the only resident of the apartment.

Inside the apartment, Detectives found a marijuana growing operation which included artificial lighting, irrigation systems and other components used for the cultivation of marijuana. Detectives seized this equipment along with 16 marijuana plants.

John Bedell was not cooperative with officers during this encounter and refused to speak with them other than providing basic identification information. In addition, during the arrest procedure Bedell refused to walk with the police officers and had to be carried down the apartment stairs and to a patrol car.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office filed criminal charges for cultivation of marijuana and resisting/delaying police officers.

On August 10, 2006, John Bedell pled guilty to the charges. Specifics regarding the court disposition can be found through Orange County Criminal Court.


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