Manly bags another one
Manly bags another one

John Manly Defeats Another Pedophile Priest in a California Courtroom

John C. Manly--arguably California's best dirty priest hunter--scored another courthouse victory last week in Stockton when a jury sided with the Newport Beach lawyer's civil case against a priest who raped an alter boy 20 years ago.

A Modesto Bee article describes how some community members are upset with the verdict because they believe Michael Kelly, a longtime Catholic priest, is too sweet to rape and molest little boys.

Indeed, Kelly refuses to concede the illegal sexual conduct and, until the verdict, had the firm backing of church officials.

But Manly told the Bee that it's not surprising that people would like and defending offending priests.

"Pedophiles are nice people," he said in perhaps the best quote of the year. "That's how they get access to kids."

During his career, Manly has helped victims win more than $1 billion in settlements from sexually demented priests.

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