John L. Adamoli Says Candy Statement Tainted Trial For Molesting Autistic Child

John L. Adamoli isn't happy that he's serving an eight year prison sentence for committing lewd acts on his friend's 10-year-old autistic daughter in Huntington Beach during a party.

Adamoli, 50, thinks that he'd be a free man if Orange County prosecutors had been banned from telling a jury that he blurted out, "I give kids candy," to arresting police officers.

The DA's office used the statement to undermine Adamoli's credibility that he was clueless about why cops detained him after the May 2006 incident involving the girl.

In Adamoli's mind, the candy statement inflamed the jury and prevented him from having a fair trail.

"It invokes a certain image . . . in the jurors mind of . . . you're a creepy guy driving a windowless van handing out lollipops to the neighborhood kids," observed one of Adamoli's defense lawyers.

But the prosecutor argued that the statement demonstrated he "had the presence of mind to lie" and knew "exactly" why police approached him after the incident.

On May 25, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered Adamoli's claims and in a terse seven-page ruling dismissed them.

According to the justices, there was "overwhelming evidence" of his guilt, including that eyewitnesses saw him pants-less and erect on top of the girl, who said, "Johnny, hurt me."

The girl's father found Adamoli committing the crime, beat him but couldn't prevent him from escaping the apartment.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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