John David Hines, Ex-Fire Captain Who Mowed Down Cyclist While Drunk, Gets Full 4-Year Prison Ride for Making Booze in Surf City Jail

Former Long Beach Fire Capt. John David Hines--who was looking at a suspended four-year prison sentence in exchange for paying fines and spending five years on probation and a year in a pay-to-stay jail cell for driving drunk and mowing down a cyclist--now has serve the full ride because he got making booze out of hand sanitizer while behind bars.

Hines got the marching orders to a state prison cell Friday.

Huntington Beach Police jailers noticed Hines was drunk off his ass on Jan. 17 and, upon further investigation, discovered that as the jail trustee janitor he'd been making alcohol out of his cleaning products.

To be more precise, he filtered hand sanitizer, which is loaded with alcohol, with salt to detoxify it before downing the ethanol it produced, according to Huntington Beach Police Capt. Russel Reinhart.

That violated Hines' parole, which led to the full prison sentence being imposed. Toilet winos, you may be getting some company.

After spending the morning hours of April 1, 2011, getting hammered in a Long Beach bar, the then-Long Beach fire captain climbed behind the wheel of his Chevy pick-up and, without slowing or hitting his brakes, swerved into a bike lane and dirt shoulder along Westminster Avenue in Seal Beach before crashing into 47-year-old bicyclist Jeffrey Gordon. Thrown from his bike more than 70 feet before landing on the shoulder of the road, Gordon was later treated for head trauma, severe lacerations and bruising to his head and body, internal injuries, and spinal and vertebrae injuries that continue to nag him today.

Hines, who never found his brake pedal, continued driving while being followed by two other motorists who witnessed the crash and called 9-1-1. Seal Beach and Huntington Beach officers found Hines' truck with a large blood splatter and major front end and hood damage in the driveway of his Surf City home. Hines was still stinking drunk, having trouble keeping his balance, displaying watery and bloodshot eyes and emitting strong odors of alcohol and urine on his clothing. Hines blew .24 percent, three times the legal limit.

It must be noted that Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz opposed Hines' original prison sentence being set aside for jail time, maintaining that the fire captain understood the severity of his crimes having known first-hand the dangers of driving while drunk when he worked as a paramedic and responded to DUI crash scenes.

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