What do you think, ladies? Is John (left) "better looking" than Tom?
What do you think, ladies? Is John (left) "better looking" than Tom?

John Campbell: Too Whimsical to be Tom Campbell

We've written before about how Congressman John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) is an excellent blogger and all-around avuncular guy, what with his a strange tendency towards faux-folksy exuberance when raving about great President Obama is, how terrible President Obama is, and how profound his own digestive problems are

His latest e-mail blast, though, takes the prize for its school-girlish charm. Apparently, people have been mixing up Campbell, the Republican U.S. Rep, with Tom Campbell, a Republican would-be U.S. Senator. Writes John:

Clarification: I am not TOM Campbell. I am JOHN Campbell. We are not related (unless we share some kilted ancestor 1,000 years ago in a highlands bog).  He is not currently a Member of Congress, whereas I proudly represent California's 48th Congressional District.  He is running for U.S. Senate from California. I am not.  There seems to be lots of confusion out there so I wanted to set the record straight. I am also younger and better looking. (-;

Winky face! He used the winky face! We wonder why OC Supervisor Bill Campbell doesn't get a mention, though... :-/

JC goes on to talk about the weather, and Evil Obama:

As I'm sure you know, the federal government, and the House of Representatives, was shut down virtually all of last week because of record blizzard conditions. Maybe when all that snow and ice melts, it will wash away the spending, deficits, and socialism along with it.........OK, I can dream, can't I?

Anyone else gets the impression he writes these things at 3 a.m. after binging on Mountain Dew and pixie stix?


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