Jim and Ted's Excellent (Immigrant-Bashing) Adventure

If you thought you missed your chance to pelt the father of the once headline-gobbling Minuteman Project and his Cricket playing, immigrant-hating homeless sidekick with your burning questions (Why do you wear a straight-jacket-vest-thing over your clothes? Are you gay?), you'll get your chance this Monday. Jim Gilchrist, who caused a ruckus last year at Cal State Long Beach during a scheduled debate, is back for another rant session. This time he'll be teaming with sidekick Ted Hayes, the dread-locked, immigrant hater who's made friends with all the wrong people.

The duo will also hold a question and answer session. Gilchrist will probably be a little moody and less combat-booty since his once robust little cadre is now busy gathering its internal civil war dead, but who cares. After all, the two are sort of relics of that bygone time when armed citizen border "crusaders" set out to look like they were doing something Big and Important along the border and then came home with their rifles between their legs. The only lasting thing the group spawned is an irritating mass of copycat, illiterate racists who brandish their misspelled rants on web forums across the country.

Gilchrist was originally scheduled to speak Nov. 19, but apparently the visit was called off because police didn't receive the funds they sought for more security. Perhaps they anticipated walkouts and drum-circle protests outside the auditorium like last year's mini-melee, but times have changed. Gilchrist's people - and their effort to blame every societal ill on illegal immigrants -- are irrelevant now. Wall Street's been outed. Obama's been elected. Napolitano will man the border. And people are too busy stampeding through WalMart to join militias. That's probably why the topic of Jim and Ted's talk isn't even the border, but the abstract (and therefore more forum-friendly) issue of "the Racist Agenda of the La Raza," whatever that means. Best thing to do is to take the question-and-answer segment into your hands and use it to stump the infamous ranters.  The duo will be at the Beach Auditorium in University Student Union at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 8.


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