Jilted John Campbell Bellyaches About Obama

We know that Representative John Campbell has digestion problems. We know that because he told us about them. We also know that Campbell swooned on national television for Barack Obama. We know that because Stephen Colbert pointed it out.

In his latest e-mail blast to supporters, though, we find out that Mr. Campbell faces new indigestion. This time, the source isn't his colon. It's Barack Obama.

I've been "back in the saddle" here in Washington for 3 weeks now, and I can't believe what I am seeing. I am angry.

Ok, yeah yeah, anger is fashionable at the moment (see: AIG), and it's certainly what we expect from Republicans under a Democratic president. But check out the bitchiness factor here:

Oh, and to preempt the inevitable question, I was not invited to President Obama's campaign rally in Costa Mesa this week, even though my district is only about a mile from where he spoke. I use the words "campaign rally" rather than "town hall" intentionally.

Admittedly, it is kind of strange that no Republican U.S. representatives were at Obama's shindig. But Campbell's  tone really seems catty when compared with the weirdly understanding remarks from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who was accidentally not invited to the event which was actually in his district. Obama publicly apologized to Rohrabacher at the town hall, and Rahm Emanuel reportedly called him up, too. To which Rohrabacher's flack told the Daily Pilot: "[Rohrabacher] saw the president's gesture as an overture of apology and bipartisanship. Frankly, so far, he feels that this administration has been treating him better than the last one."

Bush bashing! Still fun. Take heed, John Campbell. Colbert made that crack about you being "Mrs. Obama." But now, you sound more like the President's bitter, forgotten Other Woman.


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