Jewish Conspiracy Unveiled: UC Irvine Bans Muslim Student Union From Campus

Any hopes of hearing Helen Thomas crack Jewish jokes live and in person at the UC Irvine Laugh Factory are now out the window, according to a story that just went up on the OC Register website this morning. Actually the story has nothing to do with Helen Thomas but it does involve.....Jews!!!!

To wit: the


is reporting that UC Irvine officials have banned the controversial Muslim Student Union (MSU) from campus, apparently because of the group's habit of inviting speakers who denounce Israel and being rude to Israeli guest speakers, like when members of the group interrupted Israeli ambassador Michael Oren's Feb. 8 speech on campus. That stunt, while defended as an exercise in free speech, resulted in 11 arrests. The anti-MSU ban will go into place Sept. 1 and last one year, although the group has already appealed the decision.


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